Retouch and Restore


Photographs hold our memories ... but over time they may be partially destroyed in a fire, ripped, marked up, subject to mold or otherwise damaged. Why not restore them to life and make copies for the other members of your family at the same time! The original is never harmed. All work is done on a copy and can be reproduced digitally or on photographic paper. 

Do you have a wedding album created years ago and in poor shape?  I can create a new modern album for you with retouched photographs from your original album. Come see my album - both original and redone.  Over time, the original colors had faded and been in need of repair.  Give life to your old album by fixing these flaws and encase it in a deluxe album.  You have to see it to believe the difference! My album was vintage early-70's encased in plastic and very faded.  The new one is beautiful.  Ask to see it - seeing is believing. 

Below is a before and after of a photograph that I restored for my 90 year old Aunt.  The photo was of her husband who had passed many years earlier. It was taken when he was 16 years old.  After I restored the photo and showed it to her, my Aunt cried.  

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