Types of Albums
12:00 AM Albums
Ann offers many styles of albums. Albums range from press-quality magazine-style pages to the thicker Storybook pages. Hand-mounted matted albums are also popular.Hand-designed albums with Acrylic, Leather, Metal or Fabric Covers. Miniature versions of the album (clones because they are exact duplicates of the larger album) come in several sizes: 6x8, 4x5 are shown in this photo. The covers shown in this photo are both acrylic.The smaller clones can easily fit in a purse and are perfect for th ......
Sample Albums
12:00 AM Albums
Wedding Memories take new life when captured in an album. Ann DeCristofaro designs each album and is proud to offer wedding albums of all types: traditional matted, flush-mount, fine art and storybookAlbum Design - Ann DeCristofaro Custom Photography ......
Restoration and DVD to Print
12:00 AM Albums
Do you have an album that needs to be restored - pages yellowed or torn? Ann also can design a new album from your existing album. Do you have a high-res DVD from your wedding but no album? Ann can design a professional album for you! * you must have permission from the photographer Contact Ann for details.In addition, digital albums can be made to play on your devices! ......
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