Do you have cherished photos that look like this?  

And wish that they would look like this? 

What services do I offer?  I can scan most formats of film - both negative and slide (positive) as well as scan prints.  I can do restorations of existing prints as well as scans.  Most times, you can leave the studio that day with your original (unless you have a bulk order of multiple slides / prints / negatives.   Are you social distancing?  Believe it or not, your smartphone is actually a pretty good scanner!  Scan your damaged original and email it or dropbox it to me to work on!  Then you don't even have to leave the house!!! 

Over time, photos can be destroyed by water damage, fire, mildew or other means.  In many cases, this damage can be eliminated by skillful retouching.  Why not have these problems looked at and remedied if possible.  Photos can also be assembled into collages for wall display.  

Look at the before and after of these images to just imagine the possibilities!  

Some Finished Photos can be seen here (And check out my reviews from customers!)

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